Industrial Smart Camera
with built-in AI

Powerful built-in AI Processor

Industrial-Grade Smart Camera for Real-Time AI Processing

QCam-S is an industrial-grade smart camera that houses a artificial intelligence processor and image sensor.


Sector-Independent AI Based Vision:
Q-Cam-S Smart Camera with Versatile Lens and Light Options

The Q-Cam smart camera facilitates the implementation of artificial intelligence-based machine vision application in various industries with its different lens and light source options.

Simplified AI Based Vision Deployment:
Integration of Q-Cam-S with DigiLab's No-Code Platform

Fully Integrated with the No-Code image processing and artificial intelligence platform DigiLab, Q-Cam-S provides ease of use and fast application deployment.

Feature Value
IP Standart
Up To 8 MP
Camera Speed
Up To 100 FPS
Energy Consumption
20 Watt
No Code Integration
Yes (with DigiLab)
Integrated AI Processor
64 x 104 x 39 mm

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