No Code Platform for IOT, Vision&AI

DigiLab ?

“DigiLab” is a next generation no code platform for IOT, Vision&AI. You can collect and visualize data with IOT tool then make pre-processes with Vision tools and then train the dataset with AI tools.

Now, It’s so easy!

Meet The Next Generation
No Code Platform
for IOT, Vision&AI

DigiLab Benefits!

DigiLab provides to save you time by adding speed and flexibility to your projects and to help you in the areas that require expertise in the easiest way possible.

With DigiLab, it can be developt projects easly and without any code. Then can be implemented the project to Cloud-GPU or DL-Box for realtime working just one click. DigiLab has API for using on any platform with any application that coded with any programming languages.

You can implement DigiLab projects to your application just one click getting API link!